Fast Implementation of Fax2Email

The solution can be implemented within 24 hours without any degradation to the current IT infrastructure or bandwidth. Security considerations such as .tif and .pdf acceptance require consideration.

Commissioning the Solution

The system is designed in such a way that a designated person/s within Your Company will be trained by FreeFax to act in the capacity of account administrator/s. The designated person/s will upload any 0866 fax number requirements and assign the respective levels of control. All that is required to upload and activate the service is a spreadsheet of first name, last name and corresponding email addresses in a CSV format. Your Company IT Department will assume responsibility for maintaining the currency of the name and email address lists. Once uploaded, the fax number is activated and an automated welcome mail is generated and emailed to each individual user. The welcome mail includes important usage information as well as the ‘user name’ and ‘password’ that will be required for future access to the FreeFax administrative tool.

Help Desk Support

The system is designed to be self-sustaining and user managed. FreeFax will ensure that the Account Administrator and any other designated person is sufficiently trained to a point where they are able to provide support within their own organisation. Any further help that is required will be provided by FreeFax support staff. All users are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the system by logging in and managing their respective profiles.


FreeFax complies with all relevant legislation pertaining to the sending and receiving of facsimile documents. FreeFax also complies with the requirements of the ECT Act. is a white label partner of
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